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Dr Adeel Ali

Specialist Dental Marketing. 

Already packing some incredible surgical skill and an impressive roster of happy dental patients, the only missing piece to Dr Adeel Ali’s career puzzle was a complimentary brand and an amplified online presence.  Here’s how we got stuck in to this specialised dental marketing.


Transforming the Brand.

Getting down to business, we started with an overhaul of Adeel’s brand imagery. A complimentary colour palette, a bold logo and recognisable typography were key elements that helped us to build a fitting brand identity for Adeel.

Brand Identity
Logo & Iconography
Colour Palette

Improving the website.

Acting as a hub for both patients and dental colleagues alike, Adeel's new interactive and engaging website was written, designed and built with the visitor's journey in mind. Whether you're looking to understand more about Adeel's work, his career or the process of the implant procedure, this site is packed full of helpful content, is easy to navigate and specifically caters for Adeel's target audience.

Video Content
Copywriting & SEO

Social media takeover.

With a loyal following waiting to see more of Adeel's cases and a target audience of patient's waiting to be introduced to his life-changing treatment, we planned a dental marketing & social media takeover to increase brand awareness, generate leads and drive website traffic.

Social Media
Advertising & PPC
Brand Awareness

Print & Stationery.

Promotion can't always be digital and as Adeel's line of work is mainly face-to-face, having something to take away from a meeting or consultation is crucial! That's why we created a suite of luxury patient and referring dentist brochures as well as high-end on-brand stationery.


Promotion & Education.

With a string of upcoming advanced implant courses to teach, Adeel asked us to help facilitate on-brand promotion, lead generation and online payments to help get the word out and fill those seats (which we did quite successfully)!

Course Promotion
Lead Generation
Online Payments

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