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Ascent Dental Care

Elevated Dental Practice Marketing 

As an ‘umbrella-brand’ for various dental practices across the UK, Ascent required a strategic development plan that would ensure consistency in its look and tone of voice and that would cater to its different locations and target audiences online. Here’s how we did it.


Vision to Execution.

An ascent is an upward trajectory; with every step, the climber gets closer to their ultimate goal. This was owners Gursh and Faresh's vision for their brand - a culmination of their passion for patient care. We listened to their prompts and executed a consistent dental practice marketing plan befitting of Ascent's ambition and prestige.

Brand Identity
Logo & Iconography
Colour Palette
Car Wraps

Patient-Generating Website

Ascent's website needed to be multi-funtional whilst staying true to the brand's identity. Design, copywriting, SEO and user experience are all facets of this large site that adds to the potential client's journey.

Website Design
Video Content
Copywriting & SEO

Strong Digital Presence.

Wherever the patient lives online, we'll get your message in front of those that need to see it! Through a combination of blog content, direct email marketing and PPC advertising, we leverage Ascent's brand awareness and generated patient leads.

Email Marketing
Pay Per Click
SEO Blog Writing

Connecting Online.

With multiple practice locations, connecting with Ascent's online audience required strategic planning and content creation.

Organic Content
Social Media Management

Physical Marketing Material.

Despite digital domination, print is still very much alive, especially for a brand like Ascent whose audience covers a wide demographic! We provided Ascent with a range of brochure, stationary and event print promotion to provide a tangible and lasting experience for their customers.

Event Promotion

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