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BioHorizons Camlog

Full-Service Corporate Marketing

As the UK arm of a global healthcare manufacturing enterprise, BioHorizons Camlog required a shake-up of its B2B advertising to attract the attention of potential customers and position them as top competitors in the industry.


Multi-purpose Web Design.

To compliment specific campaigns, we designed and created micro-sites to act as landing page hubs for advertising purposes. Check out The Impant Hub and Revolution sites below!

Website Design
Creative Concepts

Multi-territory Ad Campaigns.

Keen to spread awareness and drive web traffic, we helped design, create and execute various campaign concepts for BioHorizons.

The Implant Revolution
TICK Box Campaign
Life's a Switch

Events Design & Promotion

When it comes to events, spreading the word and booking seats is the only goal, which we've helped BioHorizons to successfully achieve with eye-catching and inticing design and promotion.

National Symposium
Business Booster

Promoting Educational Services.

BioHorizons offer their customers a range of courses to educate clinicians on current surgical techniques using the companies innovative products. Promoting these courses required a multi-faceted approach with digital, traditional and direct marketing.

Digital Advertising
Email Marketing

Captivating Video Marketing.

In the digital era, videos are the quickest, most effective tool in marketing, being able to provide core messages in a striking and attention-grabbing way. That's why we created campaign-specific videos for BioHorizons using these on their microsites and in PPC advertising.

The Implant Revolution
Life's a Switch

Boosting Online Presence.

Following lack-lustre content and a lack of presence on Instagram, we helped BioHorizons to grow their online persona with killer content and a regular publishing schedule.

Organic Content
Social Media Management

Connecting with Potential Customers.

We provided a full-scale digital marketing service to BioHorizons that allowed them to reach potential customers wherever they may be hiding online. SEO, PPC advertising and direct email communication all formed a part of this strategic marketing plan.

Email Marketing
Pay Per Click
SEO Articles

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