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Helping homes fulfil their destinies

How we created the soon-to-be iconic Hearth & Home Estates brand

the brand
Hearth & Home Estates branding

A brand-new estate agency required the perfect new brand

Hearth & Home Estates wanted the focus of their branding to be on the fact that they don’t just sell houses – they help families find homes. We developed an orange-based colour palette to represent the warmth of the hearth, and decided to make the words ‘hearth’ and ‘home’ the main focus of their branding – to really drive the message, well, home.

Hearth & Home sign
Hearth & Home branding
the logo
Hearth & Home branding

Branding is a journey, not a destination.

A collaborative process through which clients learn even more about themselves than we do about them, our work with Hearth & Home Estates was no exception. A voyage of discovery, it’s as much about finding out who you’re not as it is unveiling who you are – as the various iterations of their logo illustrate.

The birth of a brand – a peek behind the design process.

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