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5D robot diners, 30k capacity stadiums & 1 new architectural website…what do these things have in common? Our client – Architects Workshop Ltd – who embarked on a journey with us to rebrand their image (whilst staying true to the firm’s heritage) and build an all-new site for the benefit of their customers.

The Process of Building a New Architectural Website

We don’t build ‘out-of-the-box’ websites. We design based on the potential audience’s projected behaviour. That’s why AWL’s new web architecture is designed to offer the most relevant content to the user at a glance and encourage them to make a move online!

The users of AWL’s website will be in three potential stages in their construction journey (four if they took a wrong turn on Google). They will either be:

a) gathering ideas and lists of potential architect firms,

b) requiring more information to make their decision, or,

c) ready to make first contact.

Enhancing the User’s Journey Online

When building AWL’s architectural website, we made sure to tap into each of these users’ journeys. Ensuring a great user experience will make it possible for visitors to access the info they need as and when required. Prominent calls-to-action are a significant feature on this site, as lead form submissions will be the primary digital acquisition style for the company.

These web design elements have been strategised to:

  • Encourage architectural sales and leads
  • Improve visitor time spent on the site
  • Provide more information than previous versions of the site
  • Separate services for ease of navigation

Raising the Roof for Architectural Portfolios

Architectural websites need to convey the expertise and innovation that the firm offers. After all, their completed project designs speak volumes. So, we’ve created the perfect portfolio feature for AWL, including descriptive SEO keywords but ultimately allowing project imagery to take the spotlight. If you’re wondering about the 5D robot diner or the 30k capacity stadium, check out AWL’s latest and historic projects here.

Here’s what AWL’s Design Manager, Olan Crowley, had to say about the process of rebranding and redesigning the website:

“Five O’Clock Creative have done an amazing job on my Architectural company rebranding and website. Exceptionally talented company. 5-star service throughout the project. Highly recommended.”

Olan CrowleyDesign Manager | Architects Workshop Ltd.

Launching a New Website

AWL’s brand-new site will surely exceed their client’s expectations with its sleek, modern design and powerful portfolio feature to make its services stand out from the crowd.

If you need an equally successful web design or rebuild, get in touch with the Five O’Clock team today!