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It’s official! Five O’Clock Creative has turned 5-years-old today, and we’re making sure to celebrate this milestone the best way we know how – with an SEO-enriched and user-friendly blog, targeted PPC and email campaign with an optimised suite of social content to spread the word…

Jokes aside, we’re proud of how far the company has come and are delighted to reflect on the incredible journey we’ve had building the Five O’Clock Creative brand over these past five years.

The Highlights

  • Diversifying our portfolio and branching into some really cool industries.
  • Building a truly diverse client base who are a pleasure to work with!
  • Running a ton of successful quality lead-generating campaigns
  • Winning awards for our client’s bespoke websites.
  • Printing our first run of merch.
  • Using our creative expertise to branch out into areas like interior branding and publishing
  • Being invited to our lovely clients’ Xmas party
  • Sponsoring a supercharged performance race car!
  • Finally, finding computers that could handle the amount of rendering that we do
  • Sophie being named ‘Employee of the Month’ for five consecutive years (fingers crossed for you next year, Ryan!🤞).

We’ve also achieved some great stats for our clients over the past five years:


Google Ad Impressions


Social Media Posts


Words Written


Facebook/Insta Campaigns


Websites Launched


Landing Pages Created


Brand Activations


Blog Posts Written

The Lowlights

That being said, we’ve had our fair share of inconveniences, like the time we attended a networking event only to spend the day at a farmyard petting zoo; the time one of us momentarily deleted our entire server, though I won’t say who (hint: it wasn’t the author of this blog); and the numerous computers that couldn’t keep up with the workload and ended up moving on to the great cloud-based realm beyond.

The Five O’Clock Brand

Another highlight we haven’t yet mentioned is the HUGE rebranding exercise we completed in 2022, with all-new logo and website.  We can’t abide a stagnating brand, and it shows in the evolution of our own visual identity – check it out above.

You’ll notice our evolution from a ‘Mad Men-esque’ style to a more colourful and whimsical palette, from which we finally settled on our adaptable monochromatic look.

Our logo now features a stylised clock face with vintage-feel typography – a nod to our heritage and flagship statement, ‘it’s always 5 o’clock somewhere.’ We strategically chose this black and white palette to act as a strong backdrop for our client’s colourful brand stories! Check out our featured case studies here.

It’s Always Five O’Clock Somewhere

Thank you to all of our clients and partners for being a part of this incredible journey. Here’s to many more years of creativity, innovation and working together! #CheersToFiveYears