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Here at Five O’Clock Creative, we often stress the importance of brand consistency to our clients because consistency contributes to recognition. In other words, a strong visual identity is memorable, and a recognisable brand is easily visible in a crowded marketplace. But how does this relate to your interior design?

Why Interior Branding Matters

So, you have your brand. You’ve thought about logos, colour palettes, strap lines, web design, social presence…But branding doesn’t (and shouldn’t) stop there. If you’re operating from a commercial space – be it a salon, office, store, or practice – by incorporating your brand into the interior design of the building, you’ll:

  • Create an environment to reflect your company’s personality
  • Cement your brand identity and boost awareness
  • Provide your customers with a cohesive brand experience
  • Appeal to your target audience and convert them into paying customers

Utilising your Brand in a Commercial Space

Thoughtful brand design plans for the future. It will ensure that your brand’s feel, tone, and presence can be carried out in multiple arenas of marketing – from web to social, digital to print, AND include your company’s interior design.

The design elements of your brand – the colours, fonts, and icons – should be easily incorporated into the architectural layout of your building and complement the décor, lighting, and furnishings – all of which, when carefully implemented, will reinforce your brand’s identity.

Keep reading to see how a carefully designed brand can be successfully incorporated into the architecture of your commercial space.

Dental Practice Branding – Kingston Orthodontics

In a recent project, completed in partnership with and executed by Hague Dental, we designed the Kingston Orthodontics brand – a luxury, specialist dental practice operating in London. Working alongside expert Interiors Director, Kirsty Hague, we created a lavish brand to reflect the practice’s modern feel, which was then rolled out inside the practice following extensive mock-ups.

Here’s what Kirsty Hague from Hague Dental had to say about the process:

“Working alongside the Five O’Clock Creative team to create the Kingston Orthodontics rebrand has been fantastic. The interiors and branding were developed in parallel. The owners, Dina and Samantha, immediately loved the shape and feel of their new icon. However, they were unclear about the palette for their branding, and it was only when we completed the interiors that the decision was made as to which colours to have in their guidelines.

The Five O’Clock team then supported the project with visuals for the shop front to support the planning applications. The curves and soft shapes of the icon have been repeated in other interior elements, creating a caring and approachable vibe to the practice. There is such a lovely warmth to this new practice that can be felt inside and out.

Thank you to Ryan and Sophie so much for your support.”

Kirsty HagueInteriors Director | Hague Dental Supplies

Taking the First Steps…

If you have big plans for your branding, you need to set the tone from the start. That’s where we come in. If you’d like to build a new brand or refresh a tired one, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the Five O’Clock Creative team today!