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We’re excited to introduce the Five O’Clock rebrand! Keep reading to discover the thought process behind our NEW look and how we eventually got here.

Practising what we preach.

Great brands don’t stagnate. They grow and evolve to keep up with the digital market. That’s why we regularly encourage our clients to switch things up and inject a new lease of life into their companies’ branding.

So, when it became time for us to practice what we preach (and after many, many hours of Zoom discussions…), we kicked the Five O’Clock brand straight into the stratosphere.

Stripping back our own brand to let our clients shine.

Even though branding and content creation is what we live and breathe, it was surprisingly hard to work on our own visual identity – I guess because we’re our own harshest critics and nightmare client… But somehow, we’ve managed it, and we’re excited to share our fresh, new look!

You’ll first notice our new monochromatic colour palette, which we’ve strategically chosen as a strong backdrop for our client’s colourful brand stories. Check out our featured case studies here.

Our logo now features a stylised clock face with vintage-feel typography – a nod to our heritage and flagship statement, ‘it’s always 5 o’clock somewhere.’

And the content? Well, we’ve packed our site full of useful service information to get you thinking about your own brand and the different ways we can help present your business to the world.

The F word.

Feedback. The word is feedback, and we all need it… So, if you have any comments (specifically adoring compliments) regarding our rebrand and website, we want to hear from you. Get in touch here!