The first question in marketing is basic: who’s your customer? You may think there’s an easy answer to that – you either sell your product or services to the public or to other businesses. And you’d be forgiven for buying into the ‘marketing speak’ that segregates your campaigns accordingly – either business to consumer (B2C) or business to business (B2B). But we’re here to tell you it’s all a bunch of hooey.

In order to explain, let’s take a minute and think about what a business is and what it isn’t. Your business is what you do. It’s not an inanimate object or a machine. No matter how big a business gets, it’s still essentially a group of people doing different things. And each one of those people has a family, a home, a personal life, a sense of humour and very human hopes, fears and dreams. So when a supplier tries to market their goods or services to your business, why would you want them talking to you like you’re a lifeless corporate cog? You wouldn’t.

The most effective marketing is marketing that makes a connection. And by that we mean a personal connection. That’s relevant whether you’re selling baby blankets to new parents or paperclips to office managers. Because at the other end of the line is a person – and the truth is that you will get their business if you manage to affect them in some way. You can touch their heart, tickle their funny bone or pique their curiosity, but you must leave them with the impression that you have seen them for who they are: another human being. And the really great thing about the customers you attract with this approach is that they’re far more likely to stay with you. Because they will have seen you too.

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