Picture the scene: a dimly lit bar at 5pm; a man sitting nursing an after-work cocktail and scribbling madly on a napkin in an effort to capture the idea that has flitted into his mind.

Alternatively, a woman sits bolt upright in bed at 5am, yanked from her slumber by a flash of brilliance.

There are two times of day when inspiration most commonly strikes: early in the morning and after a long day at work. 5am and 5pm may be the muses’ favourite hour, but we set up Five O’Clock Creative as a space where inspiration is welcomed no matter what time it is. After all, as they say, ‘it’s always Five O’Clock somewhere…’ The trick is to be open to creative bursts, to note them down and not to dismiss any idea as ridiculous until it’s been re-examined in the cold light of day. You may just be surprised.

And the surprising ideas are the ones that stick with you, aren’t they? The brands that you choose, either consciously or subconsciously, are the ones whose messages have captured your imagination and taken hold of something in your soul. Five O’Clock Creative has for its mission to create captivating brands and campaigns and to get them noticed – to help your company’s message take root in your ideal customers’ psyches.

Our entire ethos is about finding that spark – the one that made you start your company in the first place – and spinning it into content that will similarly enthuse others and help them remember you. Hence the name of our agency: Five O’Clock – when you think of us, we want you to think of that little light bulb over your head flashing on with the next bright idea.

The question is: will we put it to use for your company or for your competition?

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