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SPS Technology

Global brand leadership and advertising.

Already respected pioneers in the construction and engineering market, SPS Technology required a digital footprint to suit its global presence. Building upon tired branding, recreating their website and executing a comprehensive LinkedIn marketing strategy cemented SPS Technology as an industry leader and continues to drive quality sales leads.


Modernising the brand.

Modernising an already established brand in order to drive growth comes with it's challenges. Maintaining market share in a competitive marketplace and avoiding the alienation of a loyal customer base are vital considerations. That's why we began transforming SPS Technology through subtle but powerful design choices, which would work to create a refreshed and incredibly engaging brand.

Brand Identity
Logo & Iconography
Colour Palette

Transforming the website.

Beginning with an outdated and SEO-lacking website, we utilised creative design elements, videography, strategic UX/UI and dedicated lead generation landing pages to develop SPS Technology's online presence.

Video Content
Lead Generation


With a refreshed brand and website, the next step in SPS Technology's marketing strategy promoted their ongoing projects and generated interest in product sales. Comprehensive web driving and awareness campaigns took a global stage with a goal to grow their presence on LinkedIn, maximise their advertising budget and gain back a healthy ROI.

LinkedIn Transformation
LinkedIn Showcase
Digital Advertising
Video Content

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