5 O'Clock case study

Reeling in the right sportsmen

How we tackled the website and branding for Weston Developments fishing equipment innovators

Weston branding

Our challenge was to help take Weston from a cottage industry to the worldwide web.

The logo was the first step – it had to be right to inform the rest of their platform, including the website. We went with a black and white colour scheme, as Weston’s target audience is primarily masculine, and incorporated their origin story into the logo (the spool was the very first product they ever made). With our help, what started off as a one-man operation, manufacturing spools in a shed, is now a fully-fledged international business – with a web-based supply and fulfilment system that gets their innovations directly from factory to fisherman.

Weston logo
Weston branding

Casting a wider net with coordinated social media.

As their brand has developed, Weston’s social media base has grown exponentially to now include the loyal return customers that anchor the business. We optimised their catalogue on Facebook, adding product links to facilitate and extend the social shopping experience.

web & e-commerce
web logos

A website that’s part lure, part hook and part reel.

Weston had no web presence, so we built them a new WordPress-based website from the ground up. We knew they needed something that would attract customers, make and complete the sale – all in one. So, in addition to stunning design, we integrated the Cartloom e-commerce software into it. Now when they update the shopping cart system, the website updates itself. Cartloom offers an intuitive dashboard and user reports that are sent directly into the system and can handle orders, deliveries – and even the rare returns.

Cartloom seamlessly turns your website into a working shopfront.

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