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Weston Developments

Reeling in online sales

Weston Developments already had a loyal consumer base, but their e-commerce website was not up to the task, with poor user experience and limited payment options holding back customer demand. In addition, the web content was inadequate for providing information to visitors and lacked optimisation for search engines. So, we got stuck in helping them improve their online operations!


Stunning Product Imagery.

High-quality visuals grab the attention of potential customers and help them make informed purchasing decisions. By showcasing your products in the best light, you create a sense of trust and professionalism, making shoppers more confident in their choices. That's why we went all out on a photo shoot for Weston's products! We made sure to get the lighting just right to capture the best possible shots, taking multiple pictures of each product from different angles. Our goal was to make sure customers get a complete picture and feel like they're practically holding the product in their hands!


Optimised eCommerce Website.

Enhancing your website's design, user experience, and checkout flow is the ultimate strategy to achieve more sales.

After establishing Weston's brand identity, our next focus was designing a website that aligned with our visual development and anticipated customer behaviour. To bring our vision to life, we opted for WooCommerce as our preferred shopping platform. Being open-source and highly customisable, WooCommerce empowers shop owners with advanced features and a seamless selling experience based on our expertise

Website Design
Shopping Experience
Payment Gateways
3rd Party Connections

Social Media Management.

Integrating your e-commerce website with your social media platform is the key to unlocking the potential of online sales. We are helping Weston expand their reach and boost online business by connecting the dots between their website and social media accounts.

Facebook/Instagram Shopping
Organic Content
Social Media Management

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