We like nothing more than a good challenge, so when SupplyDrop asked us to create a suite of product imagery, social media creatives and digital ads, (a week before they launched), we jumped at the opportunity!

SupplyDrop offer a range of hampers designed to inject a bit of fun into the Coronavirus lockdown lull. We started by designing the product imagery for their website which subsequently lent itself to the creatives we produced for the SupplyDrop social media channels. We stuck to a minimalist palette with sleek silhouetted caricatures to create the funky, fun and modern feel of the brand. The organic social media posts we created for SupplyDrop were accompanied by carefully written copy content made to engage with their target audience and reflect the tone of the company as a whole.
We also created numerous Google and Social Media ads to complement the launch of each hamper. With the use of engaging copy content and imagery, carefully researched keywords and a tightly harnessed audience selection, the ads themselves preformed way above the average. Alongside a soaring click-through-rate and encouraging conversion stats, we used the metrics obtained in these top-of-the-funnel ads to create retargeting audiences for future digital campaigns.
  • Brand Identity
  • Product Design
  • Social Media Design
  • Instagram Layouts
  • Product Box Mockups
  • Pay Per Click Advertising
  • Google AdWords
  • Facebook & Instagram Ads